ADAS Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are designed to improve safety and support the driving experience. ADAS technology is becoming more prevalent in vehicles. Some examples of these systems include, but are not limited to:

  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Lane Departure Warning/Keep Assist
  • Advanced or Autonomous Emergency Braking System
  • Blind Spot Warning
  • Assisted/Automatic Parking

There are two types of ADAS: active and passive. Active systems have the ability to change a car’s movement, whether it’s speed or direction. Passive systems are usually characterized by an alert, either audio or visual. Both of these systems rely on sensors, like cameras, radar and ultrasonic sensors, for optimum performance. Some of these sensors are put into the front of the car, including around the windshield. It’s crucial to ensure that these systems are maintained properly and recalibrated if necessary, especially if the windshield has been replaced.

At Speedy, your safety is our top priority. When a replacement is completed on your vehicle, any ADAS in your car may need to be recalibrated. Any sort of system maintenance should be done at the dealership or by a qualified professional. Where possible, we will repair damage on a windshield, not replace, in order to keep your system running smoothly without recalibration and another appointment for you. This also saves you money and keeps another windshield from being disposed of unnecessarily.

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