Aquapel, a chemical compound for use on glass, dramatically improves vision during inclement weather, such as rain, snow or sleet. The formula repels elements while reducing glare.

Aquapel treated and untreated windshield

In the above picture, the left side of the windshield has been treated, while the other half has not. On the dark, rainy night, you can notice the differences with the treatment – increased visibility through the windshield, and less water on the surface of the glass.

The product is applied as a liquid to a clean, dry windshield. The liquid forms a chemical bond with the glass, which means that it will not wash away. Aquapel can last for up to several months. It will wear off gradually, but will not leave any residue behind. If you clean your windshield with a glass cleaner, that will not affect the lifespan of the product, nor the durability.

Ask for Aquapel the next time you get your windshield replaced — find your nearest branch and make an appointment!

Aquapel is a registered trademark of Pittsburgh Glass Works LLC.

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