shutterstock_171148832The windshield is an essential part of your car’s overall structural integrity and safety. As soon as you discover damage, it should be repaired or replaced. If a damaged windshield is left too long, the damage could increase and can put you at a higher risk should there be an accident.

As cars become lighter and more energy-efficient, vehicles can no longer rely solely on the frame for structural integrity. The strength partially depends on the windshield. As the glass is now welded to frames with urethane, an industry-standard insulating adhesive, it is critical that it is applied properly during installation.

Your Windshield and Road Safety

In case of impact, the windshield is vitally important with regard to the safety of the driver and passengers. The repair or replacement of a windshield must meet Federal Motor Vehicles Safety Standards, which are tested as follows:

Glass SafetyFront Crash Test

Purpose: To avoid dislodging windshield; consequently keeping passengers from being thrown from the vehicle.

Method: 30 miles/h frontal crash; windshield retention system must remain intact after collision.

Glass SafetyRoof Crush or Roll-Over Test

Purpose: To reduce injury/death from crushed roof in a roll-over accident.

Method: An applied force of 5,000 lbs or 1- 1/2 times the car’s weight, whichever is less, to either side of the forward edge of the roof.

fmvss208Airbag Safety Test

Purpose: To reduce injury/death in the use of air bags and safety belts. Your windshield is integral to properly functioning airbags.

Method: Inflated air bags are kept in place by the windshield and dashboard. Improper windshield installation might allow the windshield to dislodge during impact, leaving the air bags without proper support.


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