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Whether your boat is a small commercial vessel or a pleasure craft, whether you sail inland waters or the open sea, you can depend on state of the art marine window glass from Speedy Glass. In 1992, aware that a new, safer and stronger type of marine window was necessary, Speedy Glass set out to replace the traditional rubber gasket and insert type. We designed a high quality exterior grade P.V.C. marine window frame glazed with 6mm laminated safety glass. A year later, Speedy Glass received official government approval to install our new windows in commercial fishing vessels of less than fifteen tons. Production began immediately, and demand was and is high.

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Safe, seaworthy technology

Just as the transition from butyl to urethane in the 1970s improved the structure and integrity of auto glass installations (see the Auto Glass section of our website), P.V.C. (vinyl) window frames are a revolutionary step in marine glass installations. P.V.C. framing is UV friendly, and, compared to metal frame windows, more affordable. There are no problems with corrosion and condensation. Speedy Glass installs the windows on the outside of the bulkhead, using stainless steel screws, a high performance silicone sealant, and 6mm laminated safety glass. This all but eliminates the danger of windows collapsing inside when damaged in high seas.

Our marine glass is available at selected locations. For more information, give us a call and we’ll do our best to find a solution for you.