Are you renovating and want to change your shower or tub enclosure? Our team of trained professionals can make your vision come to life, whether you’re looking for a basic frame or a one-of-a-kind enclosure. We can create the best solution for you and your bathroom to ensure a long-lasting, quality product.


Before embarking on an enclosure project, there are a few things to consider before mentally designing the enclosure. Make sure that you can answer the following:

  • Where are the wall studs and are they able to hold the weight of the glass systems?
  • Are the measurements plumb and level?
  • Are the dimensions standard sizing?
  • Have you taken into consideration ventilation?
  • Will the enclosure breathe and allow for quick drying to eliminate mold growth or paint deterioration?

If an enclosure is not designed and/or installed correctly, you can experience potential ongoing maintenance issues, like mold or deterioration of the surrounding area. When our team visits you to review your project, we ensure it is completed to prevent any problems possible.

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