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Technology and Your Car

If you’ve driven a newer car lately, you might have noticed that it has some features that your first car probably didn’t have. Heated seats and steering wheels might not be new to you, but assisted parallel parking or pedestrian warnings are more likely to be. These types of systems are called Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) – and are becoming increasingly popular.

Vehicles are getting smarter every year, with the technology integrated into them slowly increasing. ADAS is one of the most popular ways to put in new technology. These systems operate using cameras and sensors placed within the car in order to make the experience smoother and easier for the driver.

Watch some of this amazing technology in action below, as BMW previews some developments they’ve made.

One of the crucial things to know about ADAS is that depending on the system inside the vehicle, the sensors and cameras required to keep the system running may be in the windshield. Repairs should not be done if the damage is in front of any of these components – a replacement is the only option. However, since some systems can require additional attention and recalibration after a replacement, a repair may be preferable, if possible. You should ensure you know the pros and cons of your situation before undertaking any work on a damaged windshield.

At Speedy We Care

Food bank donations from our Bothell, WA location.

Food bank donations from our Bothell, WA location.

Last month, we launched At Speedy We Care, a program dedicated to helping our branches contribute to and elevate their surrounding communities. In everything we do, we focus on the goals below:

  • Forming and supporting more vibrant communities
  • Building bridges with other community members to amplify contribution
  • Increasing our team engagement with the company and community

In December, we were able to give to numerous boxes of toys, food and warm clothes for the holiday season throughout Alaska, Washington and Montana. Additionally, our Great Falls, MT branch held a fundraiser for St. Jude throughout the month, raising over $900. We are also happy to note that our Tigard, OR branch is now a designated drop off center for Cell Phones for Soldiers.

Keep up with our program here, on the At Speedy We Care tag, or through our Facebook and Twitter.

Get Ready for Winter

As the weather begins to turn, it’s more important than ever to get any damage you have in your windshield repaired. When winter sets in, the cold weather can accelerate any damage you have and the chip or ding can become a crack. Moisture can get into unrepaired chips and dings and accumulate over time. When it freezes, it will expand, testing the strength of the glass until it eventually breaks. Since the glass in your windshield is laminated, the glass will still held together, but it will be cracked.

Watch a demonstration of just how powerful water is when it’s frozen below (1:07 to 1:55):

While the above is an extreme, accelerated case of the power of freezing water, it shows just how powerful the effect can be. It’s best not to take any chances, especially when it comes to your safety. A repair now could save you a replacement later.

Even if you live a in a mild climate, damage can spread from a chip to a crack. Changes in temperature, for example, can affect the integrity of the glass. If the windshield has already been compromised by some sort of damage, it may not take much effort for the ding to spread.

Top Safety Picks

shutterstock_157283225One of the biggest selling points of any vehicle is how safe it is. If a car has qualified to be noted as a Top Safety Pick, more often than not, it’s a key point to mention in any commercial or publication. How, exactly, does a car become a Top Safety Pick?

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) is a non-profit organization that puts together the ranking every year. As an organization, the IIHS’s main purpose is working towards reducing the number of car collisions, which subsequently lowers both the rate of injuries and amount of total property damage claimed. Beyond that, the Institute also reviews related products, like children’s car seats. The IIHS releases their list of Top Safety Picks every year, the results determined by different tests.

The tests undertaken include:
• Moderate overlap frontal test
• Side crash test
• Head restraint evaluation
• Roof strength test

Cars are ranked by performance in these above tests, on the scale from good, acceptable, marginal, or poor. In some cases, these rankings are determined by a series of sub-rankings in each test. For example, in the side crash test, there are nine categories that eventually determine the overall side impact score. A fifth test, a small overlap frontal test, is also performed, but has less weight in determining if a car is a Top Safety Pick.

There is a sixth test, a frontal collision avoidance evaluation. Since front crash prevention systems differ between vehicles, this particular test is not used to give the distinction of Top Safety Pick. However, a new category, Top Safety Pick+, is awarded to vehicles that have a rating of “basic” or higher in this test while meeting all other Top Safety Pick criteria.

Keeping Your Car Safe

Keeping Your Car SafeDespite car thefts slowly decreasing in 2013 (as predicted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation), reported thefts average out to one vehicle being stolen every 45 seconds. These ten vehicles topped the list as most frequently stolen in 2013, over all model years:

  1. Honda Accord
  2. Honda Civic
  3. Chevrolet Silverado
  4. Ford F-150
  5. Toyota Camry
  6. Dodge/Ram Pickup
  7. Dodge Caravan
  8. Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee
  9. Toyota Corolla
  10. Nissan Altima

(predictions, list and statistics provided by the National Insurance Crime Bureau)

How can you keep your vehicle safe? Cars are continuing to receive improvements to stock anti-theft systems, such as engine immobilizer systems. If you’re not in the market for a vehicle with systems like this just yet, other courses of action can be taken. Anti-theft devices like steering wheel locks are popular, as are alarms. These devices can also possibly benefit your insurance policy. However, sometimes small precautionary measures can make the difference between having your car broken into or staying untouched when parking.

Some tips include:

  • Keep the sunroof and windows closed when not in the vehicle
  • Ensure the vehicle is locked whenever leaving
  • Keep valuables out of view

Read more helpful hints on our website here.

Windshield Safety – Chip Types and Repair

When it’s hot outside, not much feels better than a solid burst of cool air from the air conditioner while you drive. However, it pays to be careful – the temperature discrepancy between the cold air coming into your vehicle and the sun-warmed glass of your windshield could cause a chip or ding in your windshield to turn into a crack. Any damage, even as minor as a chip, can weaken the structural integrity of the glass, and the contrast in temperature can expose this and turn that easy-to-repair chip into a total windshield replacement.

Chips and dings can take on a variety of looks, including a bullseye, star,  half moon, or a combination of the three.

Combination chip

Above: Combination chip.

As soon as this damage happens, especially if it’s in your line of vision while you drive, it’s important to get it repaired. The longer a chip is present on your windshield, the higher the chances that damage could become irreparable. In some states, it’s a ticketable offense to drive with a windshield with damage that obstructs the vision.

Photo credit: Carolyn Lehrke via photopin cc

Improve Your Visibility While Driving with AquaPel

As spring goes on, you may find you have to flick your windshield wipers on more often. Ease the wear on your wiper blades with AquaPel, a special coating for your glass. Use it on any piece of glass in your car to improve visibility and repel rain, including your windshield and back windshield. AquaPel is also great in the home, especially in glass shower enclosures.

Since AquaPel forms a chemical bond with the glass, this coating doesn’t wash away. With normal use, AquaPel lasts for several months, wearing off gradually. It does not leave any residue behind. If you clean your glass with a glass cleaner periodically, this doesn’t affect the durability of AquaPel.

When used indoors, AquaPel can be applied on the interior of a glass shower enclosure. The coating can protect the glass against hard water marks, and can help minimize mildew and soap scum from accumulating. Like its lifespan on auto glass, AquaPel will last for several months after the application and wears off gradually.

Whether it’s on your car or in your home, AquaPel takes only a few minutes to apply. Any of our trained technicians can do this when they install your glass job. It doesn’t matter if we’re in our shop or on the road with our mobile service either; we’ll be able to help.



Thinking About Home Renovation?

If you’re looking at replacing your home’s windows, you may be looking at energy-efficient windows. There are several benefits to choosing an energy-efficient model, such as one with double glazing, including the following:

  • Reducing the cost of heating or cooling your home

  • Slowing convection and conduction (loss of indoor heat)

  • Reducing condensation

Energy-efficient models go hand in hand with good frames. A good frame, like one constructed of vinyl, will work to insulate your home further, minimizing any heat transfer. Air leakage should be kept to a minimum, and any joints in the frame need to be sealed airtight to keep out moisture and cold air.

Both non-operable and operable windows can be energy efficient. Non-operable, or fixed, windows are more airtight, but since they cannot open, it would not be advisable to outfit your entire home with this type. When looking at operable windows, hinged products are preferable to sliding models, as the closure fixture keeps the window tight to the frame.

At Speedy, we offer a wide range of energy-efficient models to give you the choice of what best suits your need. Give your local branch a call and they’ll be able to answer any questions you may have. Estimates are always free.

California Casualty Glass Claim – CalCas

 When phoning in your windshield or auto glass claim make sure to request Speedy Glass.  We are your environmentally preferred glass choice.  We are unlike most glass companies, as we promote repair first before doing an automatic replacement.  Most chip repairs take only about 20 minutes to perform and can be done in shop or at your place of convenience.  We understand the desire to keep the original factory seal intact.

 If we can’t repair the damage we can then proceed to replacement.  Just like repair at Speedy Glass, we take pride in our replacements as well.  We are members of the Auto Glass Safety council and part of a select group of companies chosen by insurers for best of class auto glass installations.  We have been replacing auto glass for over 60 years, so we will be here when you need us.

 By choosing Speedy Glass your windshield repair and auto glass replacement will come with a nationwide warranty, OEM materials and installation by technicians who know how to work on all types vehicles.

Mercury Insurance Glass Claim

When filing your claim make sure to request Speedy Glass for all your auto glass replacement needs.  We are the environmentally friendly auto glass company.  Unlike most auto glass companies, we promote repair first before replacement.  A single windshield repair usually takes about 20 minutes and can be done in shop or at your place of convenience.  Most of our windshield repairs are done at homes or offices thereby keeping your schedule free to do other things.

We recognize that the factory seal of your original windshield shouldn’t be altered unless required due to excessive damage.

If you do require a replacement here’s how we differ from the competition:

  • Free mobile auto glass service
  • Over 60 years of windshield knowledge
  • Our glass comes from tier one manufacturers who produce auto glass for Ford, Chrysler, GM and others.
  • OEM Sealant used to prevent water and air leakage
  • Back ground checked employees for your safety when mobile installations requested
  • All employees are drug screened.
  • Member of the Auto Glass Safety Council
  • Member of the ARG Alliance
  • Nationwide warranty

Speedy Glass provides efficient, dependable automotive glass repair & replacement.