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  1. Do I need to contact my agent or insurance company before I contact Speedy Glass?Call Speedy First. We are experts at verifying coverage, filing the claim and handling all the paperwork. We will work with your insurance company and set up the claim for you, making it as hassle free as possible. The only thing you may need to do is verify some information for your insurance company.
  2. Do I as a customer have the right to choose the shop I want to use?Yes. You as the customer have the right to choose the company you want to use. Your insurance company and the billing network they contract with do not have the right to tell you which auto glass shop to use. In the auto glass industry this is called steering, which is against the law. It's your choice; so choose the professionals at Speedy Glass.
  3. What's Your Comprehensive Insurance Deductible?Your comprehensive auto insurance policy has what's called a "deductible"-the amount you have to pay before insurance kicks in. To lower your premiums, people sometimes increase their deductible, which increases their out of pocket expenses in the event of a claim. So if you need a new windshield and it's going to cost you $275, if your comprehensive deductible is $100, it will only cost you $100 to submit it through insurance. If your deductible is $500, insurance won't help pay for the replacement and you will want to shop for a competitive cash price. If you don't remember what your comprehensive deductible is, take a look at your policy. Make sure you're looking at the comprehensive deductible rather than the collision deductible; because they are two different things.
  4. Is Windshield Replacement A No-Fault Claim?Many people don't want to make an insurance claim for auto glass damage, as they're afraid their rates will increase. A cracked windshield, however, is usually not your fault. It's what the insurance companies call a "no-fault" claim, and as such typcially don't raise your premiums. Check with a Speedy Glass insurance specialist about your about your insurance, as we work with all insurance companies. All you have to do is let use know what company your with and your policy number, and we'll handle setting the claim up for you. Also, many insurance companies will waive your deductible if you have your windshield repair instead of replaced.
  5. Will filing an auto glass claim count towards my insurance policy?In many cases, insurance companies will not count auto glass damage as a claim on your policy. To be certain, please refer to your policy or contact your agent and/or insurance provider to confirm your specific coverage.
  6. What if I only have liability coverage?Because liability insurance only provides coverage for damages to another vehicle, auto glass services are not covered under your liability policy. Speedy Glass offers competitive cash prices to those without comprehensive insurance and we accept multiple payment options including cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.
  7. Will all insurance companies waive my deductible if my windshield is repaired rather than replaced?Most insurance companies cover windshield repair at 100 percent coverage with no deductible; however, there are a few that don't. Talk to a Speedy Glass Insurance Specialist, they will be happy to help you any questions you have regarding your specific insurance company.
  8. Zero Deductible States - FL, KY, MA, SC or ArizonaIf you live in Florida, Kentucky, Massachusetts, South Carolina or Arizona, you live in what's called a "Zero Deductible State." That means that your insurance company is required by law to allow you to purchase a windshield replacement using insurance with no deductible-as long as you have comprehensive insurance on your vehicle. If you live in one of these states, and have comprehensive insurance, it makes sense to use your insurance to pay for your auto glass replacement. Florida and Massachusetts only fully cover windshields, but Kentucky and South Carolina cover all glass replacement.
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