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You can submit an instant auto glass quote request for a windshield repair or replacement. The process takes less than 30 seconds, is simple, easy to follow, and includes an instant price quote and appointment booking.

Speedy Glass - instant glass quotes

On cars, trucks and RVs, millions of windshields are replaced in North America every year, many improperly. Startling news, if you consider that besides protecting you from the elements, the windshield's primary purpose is your safety. A correctly fitted, expertly secured windshield means you can tackle the traffic with one less worry. That's why people choose Speedy Glass, whatever the make or age of their vehicle for auto glass.

Why replacement? Why not repair?

Auto glass is laminated, unlike the rest of the glass on your car, which is tempered. Tempered glass shatters, laminated glass is shatter-proof. That's why windshields withstand impacts better. Smaller windshield fractures can be fixed, but sometimes, when bigger breaks and cracks occur, replacement is the only option. To find out what's best for your windshield - repair or replacement - call the Speedy Glass toll-free number below, or contact a dealer close to you.

Sturdy, safe and certified workmanship

In the 1920s, auto innovator Henry Ford developed the first laminated windshields. An energy crisis in the 1970s forced manufacturers to design and build lighter cars. The lighter vehicles had more aerodynamic profiles than their predecessors, but weaker roof support systems. Windshields had to make up for this deficiency. Butyl, the adhesive previously used to affix windshields, was replaced with urethane, which is fifty times stronger. Believe it or not, butyl and inferior caulkings are still frequently used by installers looking to cut costs.

At Speedy Glass, our certified technicians adhere to the U.S. Motor Vehicles Safety Standards. The officials setting these standards routinely conduct windshield tests. Plus, auto glass replacement is reinforced by the unbreakable Speedy Glass guarantee. You can count on us to keep you safe.

Steer clear of unnecessary expenses

When it comes to auto glass, the best purchasing decision is an informed one. Our Auto Glass Glossary gives you quick, easy-to-understand definitions of the terminology and technology. Read more.

Your checklist for quality

Speedy Glass will:

  • Replace your windshield to manufacturers' safety standards.
  • Use only top quality tested materials.
  • Guarantee our windshields against all manufacturing defects.
  • Guarantee your windshield installation against any leakage.

We specialize in insurance, handling all the paperwork for you

We use OEM windshields and auto glass parts

We warranty our services on windshield repairs and auto replacements

We offer same day service on all windshield repairs and auto glass replacements