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You can submit an instant auto glass quote request for a windshield repair or replacement. The process takes less than 30 seconds, is simple, easy to follow, and includes an instant price quote and appointment booking.

Speedy Glass - instant glass quotes

Glass, for life.

Imagine what life would be like without glass. It plays an essential role in our day-to-day lives, yet you probably take it for granted. As you should. Glass isn't something you should be thinking or worrying about. That's our job. Speedy Glass

With strategically located retail branches throughout the U.S., Speedy Glass provides efficient, dependable automotive, residential and commercial glass repair and replacement. People rely on Speedy Glass for technical expertise, comprehensive products and services, and a quick turnaround. They appreciate our competitive pricing, honest appraisals and detailed invoices. Not only do we offer the strongest guarantee in the industry, we listen to our customers. If you're not 100% satisfied, neither are we. Serving you better is what it's all about, because your life is hectic enough without worrying about broken glass.

Vision and Drive.

The Speedy Glass evolution into a highly-respected industry leader is founded on vision, know-how and the drive to continually exceed our own high service standards. The Great Depression. A World War. Landing on the moon. The technological revolution. Speedy Glass has been there through it all, from our humble beginnings as a single glass shop to a network of more than 120 locations serving people's automotive, residential, commercial and related glass needs across the United States. We keep on growing, but we've never lost the personal touch that has earned us loyal customers.

Dedication and Teamwork.

The fall of the stock market in 1929, and subsequent economic hardships, didn't stop the young automotive industry from growing by leaps and bounds. Tough times needed tough glass, and cars were equipped with sturdy windows. But accidents happen. Realizing that there was a need for specialists in glass repair and replacement - not to mention quality glass products - in 1946, right after the Second World War, Central Auto & Window Glass opened its first retail glass outlet. TCGI assumed control of Speedy, and over time Speedy Glass reached across the United States. As cars, the transportation industry, households and workplaces were affected by new developments in technology and engineering, the Speedy Glass team kept pace, branching out to include an unbeatable range of glass-based products and services.

An Industry First.

In 1998, Speedy Glass opened the industry's first call center designed to process auto glass repair and replacement claims for insurance companies. Today, our call center is a leader in the U.S. market place.

Speedy Glass still does auto glass, but we do so much more. We're proud of our contribution to the history of glass.

Speedy Glass provides auto glass, residential glass, and commercial glass in areas across the USA. For a glass dealer near you, please view our Speedy Glass Store Locator.

Service Types

Speedy Glass can help you repair your glass needs in three different ways.

Speedy Glass Corporate
These are corporately owned stores.

Speedy Glass Certified Dealer
These are partnered glass shops who have signed on to provide the same level of service that a corporate store will maintain.

Speedy Glass Network
Our network is a free service to you, whereby we research the markets to find glass companies who strive for the same level of excellent service customers have come to expect from Speedy Glass. Each shop is independent of Speedy Glass and is affiliated in no manner.

We specialize in insurance, handling all the paperwork for you

We use OEM windshields and auto glass parts

We warranty our services on windshield repairs and auto replacements

We offer same day service on all windshield repairs and auto glass replacements